Here is another tummy pic because why not? ^.^


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Wow, I can’t believe that was me a little more than a year ago… A lot has certainly changed since then, and I”m not just talking about my hair color. This is a huge motivator right here. Looking back, I was probably around my heaviest here as well. My weight was up and down from then to April of this year. Around both times was when I was at my worst. I became healthier during the fall of 2012, but slowly my motivation decreased, and as it did my weight increased. Now more determined than ever and 20 lbs lighter than the picture before, I can say I am proud of how far I’ve come and have all the confidence in the world I will reach my goal soon in time. Never give up, because I didn’t, and I’ve come all this way.





Ditch the noodles: Zucchini Lasagna


About Marilyn :

On the surface, she was still a happy girl. But those who criticized her never saw her as I did, crying like a baby because she often felt herself so inadequate. ” -Bill Travilla

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flycandy: Brittany Dailey


These are fab for the glutes! Make sure that you are really focusing on the glutes and you are squeezing. This will really tighten and firm the booty! Summer is coming up quick so get started if you havent!Add ankle weights for an added challenge. 

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